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New publication – Oak powdery mildew (Erysiphe alphitoides)-induced volatile emissions scale with the degree of infection in Quercus robur

Press release from Estonian University of Life Sciences (January 19, 2015) An international research team lead by Ülo Niinemets, professor of plant physiology at the Estonian University of Life Sciences has come to the conclusion that climate change towards more … Continue reading

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New paper accepted – Trait-based analysis of decline in plant species ranges during the 20th century: a regional comparison between the UK and Estonia

A manuscript by Lauri Laanisto (member of ÜN´s lab), Marek Sammul, Tiiu Kull, Petr Macek and Michael J. Hutchings has been accepted for publication in Global Change Ecology. This study is a bit different comparing with the regular output of … Continue reading

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Not only rainforests can save the planet

Portal published recently an interview with our senior scientist, Steffen Noe. You can find it here. Picture: SMEAR II station in Finland (source)

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