Publications 2014

Here is the (hopefully complete) list of our publications from 2014. There are altogether 27 articles and one book chapter. Eleven of them have the first author from our lab. Besides Ülo, who is either the first or co-author in all of these publications, except in four; the most successful researcher was Lucien Copolovici with five publications.

You can also check the Publications tab, where you can now find the complete year-by-year publications lists from 2012.


Journal papers

Blande, James D.; Holopainen, Jarmo K.; Niinemets, Ülo (2014). Plant volatiles in polluted atmospheres: stress responses and signal degradation. Plant, Cell and Environment, 37(8), 1892 – 1904.

Bourtsoukidis, E.; Kawaletz, H.; Radacki, D.; Schütz, S.; Hakola, H.; Hellen, H.; Noe, S.; Mölder, I.; Ammer, C.; Bonn, B. (2014). Impact of flooding and drought conditions on the emission of volatile organic compounds of Quercus robur and Prunus serotina. Trees-Structure and Function, 28(1), 193 – 204.

Bourtsoukidis, Efstratios; Bonn, Boris; Noe, Steffen M. (2014). On-line field measurements of BVOC emissions from Norway spruce (Picea abies) at the hemiboreal SMEAR-Estonia site under autumn conditions. Boreal Environment Research, 19(3), 153 – 167.

Copolovici, Lucian; Kännaste, Astrid; Remmel, Triinu; Niinemets, Ülo (2014). Volatile organic compound emissions from Alnus glutinosa under interacting drought and herbivory stresses. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 100, 55 – 63.

Copolovici, Lucian; Väärtnõu, Fred; Portillo Estrada, Miguel; Niinemets, Ülo (2014). Oak powdery mildew (Erysiphe alphitoides)-induced volatile emissions scale with the degree of infection in Quercus robur. Tree Physiology, 34(12), 1399 – 1410.

Cornwell, William K.; Westoby, Mark; Falster, Daniel S.; FitzJohn, Richard G.; O’Meara, Brian C.; Pennell, Matthew W.; McGlinn, Daniel J.; Eastman, Jonathan M.; Moles, Angela T.; Reich, Peter B.; Tank, David C.; Wright, Ian J.; Aarssen, Lonnie; Beaulieu, Jeremy M.; Kooyman, Robert M.; Leishman, Michelle R.; Miller, Eliot T.; Niinemets, Ülo; Oleksyn, Jacek; Ordonez, Alejandro; Royer, Dana L.; Smith, Stephen A.; Stevens, Peter F.; Warman, Laura; Wilf, Peter; Zanne, Amy E. (2014). Functional distinctiveness of major plant lineages. Journal of Ecology, 102(2), 345 – 356.

Farré-Armengol, Gerard; Filella, Iolanda; Llusià, Joan; Niinemets, Ülo; Peñuelas, Josep (2014). Changes in floral bouquets from compound-specific responses to increasing temperatures. Global Change Biology, 20(12), 3660 – 3669.

Galmés, J.; Conesa, M. À.; Díaz-Espejo, A.; Mir, A.; Perdomo, J. A.; Niinemets, Ü.; Flexas, J. (2014). Rubisco catalytic properties optimized for present and future climatic conditions. Plant Science, 226, 61 – 70.

Ghirardo, Andrea; Wright, Louwrence P.; Bi, Zhen; Rosenkranz, M.; Pulido, P.; Rodríguez-Concepción, M.; Niinemets, Ülo; Brüggemann, Nicolas; Gershenzon, Jonathan; Schnitzler, Jörg-Peter (2014). Metabolic flux analysis of plastidic isoprenoid biosynthesis in poplar leaves emitting and nonemitting isoprene. Plant Physiology, 165(1), 37 – 51.

Grote, R.; Morfopoulos, C.; Niinemets, Ü.; Sun, Zhihong; Keenan, T. F.; Pacifico, F.; Butler, Tim (2014). A fully integrated isoprenoid emission model coupling emissions to photosynthetic characteristics. Plant, Cell and Environment, 37(8), 1965 – 1980.

Keerberg O., Pärnik T., Ivanova H., Bassüner B., Bauwe H. 2014. C2 photosynthesis generates about 3-fold elevated leaf CO2 levels in the C3-C4 intermediate species Flaveria pubescens. J. Exp. Bot. 65, 3649-3656.

Kännaste, Astrid; Copolovici, Lucian; Niinemets, Ülo (2014). Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method for determination of biogenic volatile organic compounds emitted by plants. Manuel Rodriguez-Concepcion (Eds.). Plant Isoprenoids (161 – 169). New York: Humana Press

Llusià, J.; Sardans, J.; Niinemets, Ü.; Owen, S. M.; Peñuelas, J. (2014). A screening study of leaf terpene emissions of 43 rainforest species in Danum Valley Conservation Area (Borneo) and their relationships with chemical and morphological leaf traits. Plant Biosystems, 148(2), 307 – 317.

Moles, Angela T.; Perkins, Sarah E.; Laffan, Shawn W.; Flores-Moreno, Habacuc; Awasthy, Monica; Tindall, Marianne L.; Sack, Lawren; Pitman, Andy; Kattge, Jens; Aarssen, Lonnie W.; Anand, Madhur; Bahn, Michael; Blonder, Benjamin; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine; Cornelissen, J. Hans C.; Cornwell, Will K.; Díaz, Sandra; Dickie, John B.; Freschet, Grégoire T.; Griffiths, Joshua G.; Gutierrez, Alvaro G.; Hemmings, Frank A.; Hickler, Thomas; Hitchcock, Timothy D.; Keighery, Matthew; Kleyer, Michael; Kurokawa, Hiroko; Leishman, Michelle R.; Liu, Kenwin; Niinemets, Ülo; Onipchenko, Vladimir; Onoda, Yusuke; Peñuelas, Josep; Pillar, Valério D.; Reich, Peter B.; Shiodera, Satomi; Siefert, Andrew; Sosinski, Enio E., Jr; Soudzilovskaia, Nadejda A.; Swaine, Emily K.; Swenson, Nathan G.; van Bodegom, Peter M.; Warman, Laura; Weiher, Evan; Wright, Ian J.; Zhang, Hongxiang; Zobel, Martin; Bonser, Stephen P. (2014). Which is a better predictor of plant traits: temperature or precipitation? Journal of Vegetation Science, 25(5), 1167 – 1180.

Morfopoulos, Catherine; Sperlich, Dominik; Peñuelas, Josep; Filella, Iolanda; Llusià, Joan; Medlyn, Belinda E.; Niinemets, Ülo; Possell, Malcolm; Sun, Zhihong; Prentice, Iain Colin (2014). A model of plant isoprene emission based on available reducing power captures responses to atmospheric CO2. New Phytologist, 203(1), 125 – 139.

Niinemets, Ü. (2014). Cohort-specific tuning of foliage physiology to interacting stresses in evergreens. Tree Physiology, 34(12), 1301 – 1304.

Niinemets, Ü.; Keenan, T. F. (2014). Photosynthetic responses to stress in Mediterranean evergreens: mechanisms and models. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 103, 24 – 41.

Niinemets, Ülo (2014). Improving modeling of the “dark part” of canopy carbon gain. Tree Physiology, 34, 557 – 563.

Niinemets, Ülo; Fares, Silvano; Harley, Peter; Jardine, Kolby J. (2014). Bidirectional exchange of biogenic volatiles with vegetation: emission sources, reactions, breakdown and deposition. Plant, Cell and Environment, 37, 1790 – 1809.

Price, Charles A.; Wright, Ian J.; Ackerly, David D.; Niinemets, Ülo; Reich, Peter B.; Veneklaas, Erik J. (2014). Are leaf functional traits ‘invariant’ with plant size and what is ‘invariance’ anyway? Functional Ecology, 28, 1330 – 1343.

Pärnik, T.; Ivanova , H.; Keerberg, O.; Vardja, R.; Niinemets, Ü. (2014). Tree age-dependent changes in photosynthetic and respiratory CO2 exchange in leaves of micropropagated diploid, triploid and hybrid aspen . Tree Physiology, 34(6), 585 – 594.

Rasulov, Bahtijor; Bichele, Irina; Laisk, Agu; Niinemets, Ülo (2014). Competition between isoprene emission and pigment synthesis during leaf development in aspen. Plant, Cell and Environment, 37(3), 724 – 741.

Sancho-Knapik, Domingo; Peguero-Pina, José Javier; Flexas, Jaume; Herbette, Stéphane; Cochard, Hervé; Niinemets, Ülo; Gil-Pelegrín, Eustaquio (2014). Coping with low light under high atmospheric dryness: shade acclimation in a Mediterranean conifer (Abies pinsapo Boiss.). Tree Physiology, 34(12), 1321 – 1333.

Smolander, S.; He, Q.; Mogensen, D.; Zhou, L.; Bäck, J.; Ruuskanen, T.; Noe, S.; Guenther, A.; Aaltonen, H.; Kulmala, M.; Boy, M. (2014). Comparing three vegetation monoterpene emission models to measured gas concentrations with a model of meteorology, air chemistry and chemical transport. Biogeosciences, 11, 5425 – 5443.

Soran, Maria-Loredana; Stan, Manuela; Niinemets, Ülo; Copolovici, Lucian (2014). Influence of microwave frequency electromagnetic radiation on terpene emission and content in aromatic plants. Journal of Plant Physiology, 171, 1436 – 1443.

Timmusk, S.; El-Daim, I.A.A.; Copolovici, L.; Tanilas, T.; Kännaste, A.; Behers, L.; Nevo, E.; Seisenbaeva, G.; Stenström, E.; Niinemets, Ü. (2014). Drought-tolerance of wheat improved by rhizosphere bacteria from harsh environments: enhanced biomass production. PLoS ONE, 9(5), 1 – 13.

Book chapters

Niinemets, Ü.; Tobias, M. (2014). Scaling light harvesting from moss “leaves” to canopies. Hanson, D.T., Rice, S.K. (Eds.). Bryophyte Photosynthesis (151 – 171). New York: Springer-Verlag

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