Exponents of science – our research group in Expo and Science and You conference

In addition to common reaerch meetings and conferences, our research group ended up in two expositions this summer, that tries to draw the attention of mainly lay members of society. You know, the normal people.

This is especially true for EXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy, that already opened in first of May. (You can see the overview of Estonian´s exhibit, that has already been nominated as one of the most outstanding display, here.) This year´s topic is: Feeding the planet, energy for life. When our work gropu was involved in it, the main guideline was that our message should be clear for “a common Milan housewife”. That was reaquainted many times by communication and media people. In the end it was quite intense practicing of formulating take-home-messages and slogans. “When plants speak – we listen!” And so on.

In addition to Expo, next week the Science and You conference will open in Nancy, France (link). Research in Estonia portal just published a little story about Estonian exhibition, which once again is about plant stress and communication (link).

The curious thing, however, is that plants do not want to simplify their communication so that “a common European biologist” would understand what they are saying. I guess we need some more media people to communicate that message to plants;)

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