Tiina at TEDxTartu

Today, Saturday 21st of November, takes place our local TEDx event, TEDxTartu. This year´s topic is social sustainability. Like always, the speakers are from very different fields, from bicicle enthusiasts to kindergarten theorists. But there is also one biologist speaking, and as it happens, she is from our work group – Tiina Tosens!


Tiina (pic from TEDxTartu page)

She will speak in the fouth session today, starting at 17.00 (16.00 CET). All the sessions are broadcasted live in the internet (link). In addition to not knowing about what Tiina will speak today, I don´t even know if she´s gonna speak in English or Estonian. I´d assume the latter.



She indeed spoke in Estonian and about climate change and the potential of C4 crops to save the world from hunger. Well, at least I feel that TEDx is an event that creates the tragedy not for the commons but for the uncommons – every time there is an interesting topic, the intellectual heights of the presentation are compressed in such rate that I almost never hear anything new. I understand that it should be about the basics, and understandable for everyone, but it does not mean that it should not sometimes wander off to some novel ideas or conceptions.. (That is not meant as criticism towards Tiina´s presentation, but just some random thoughts regarding the TEDx in general.)



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4 Responses to Tiina at TEDxTartu

  1. Henry says:

    I quite liked it. Not extreme enough to be novel idea, but a dystopic novel would be a fun. I will inquire more information about the topic. Congradulations to Tiina for the successful speech.


  2. Martti Talbonen says:

    I could not agree less with LL. To me Tiina’s presentation was one of the those on this years TEDx Tartu that actually realtes to the main theam of the confference. Thanks and all the best in the actual and most important subject of sustainability.


  3. Ronald says:

    I liked Tiina’s presentation. It wasn’t an easy topic, but in my opinion, was quite essential to know how plants have very big influence on human and planet welfare. Nice job, Tiina!


  4. laanisto says:

    Well, it´s nice to see some heated responses. Though, I cannot figure out where I said that I did not like Tiina´s presentation, or that it was not related to the sustainability (I only emphasized that this general criticism was NOT directed to Tiina!). On the contrary – I agree that it was a good presentation on a very important issue regarding the future of the whole humankind.

    I guess it was rather expected that I did not learn anything new from Tiina´s talk, as I do my research basically in the same field. But I also did not learn anything new for example on the talk that was about transferring blood plasma from younger organisms to older. And this was somewhat dissapointing, as I usually expected to learn something new from scientific or science related presenations. I do not expect them to be merely entertainment. But with TEDx it´s unfortunately usually the latter case.


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