Ülo speaking in Parliament of Estonia

Agenda of the 11th Working Week 14.12.2015–17.12.2015 of the 2nd Session of the Riigikogu (that´s the name of Parliament of Estonia) Plenary Assembly has a special discussion planned on science policy.

This session will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, 15th of December from 10.00 AM to 13.00 PM and our boss, Ülo Niinemets will have a presentation there as well.


Session´s title: Deliberation of matter of significant national importance “Options, possibilities and crossroads of Estonian research and development”

There will be four presentations:

1) Prime Minister’s overview of the situation of research and development activities and the Government’s policy in this sphere; Report by Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas

2) Report by member of the Cultural Affairs Committee and the Estonian Free Party Faction, Krista Aru

3) Report by Professor of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Ülo Niinemets

4) Report by Professor of Tallinn University Marek Tamm

This session will be also openly streamed on Riigikogu webpage (link here).


Ülo in his office (pic from Tartu Postimees)



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