Congratulations for thesis defence, Hiie!

Text by Lauri Laanisto

We have a new PhD in our lab. Our long-time senior researcher Hiie Ivanova passed on Friday her doctoral thesis „Responses of respiratory and photorespiratory decarboxylations to internel and external factors in C3 plants“. (full text available here)


The thesis was supervised by Ülo Niinemets; Olav Keerberg; Tiit Pärnik, and the opponent was Miquel Ribas-Carbo from the University of the Balearic Islands.

It must have been rather shocking for the opponent to arrive from +20 degrees in Mallorca to -30 in Tartu. So we decided, extraordinarily, to have the defence indoors. Rumors are that the opponent survived as well…



Cross section of a C3 plant (pic from Wiki)

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