ASPB recognizing Bahtijor Rasulov

Text by Lauri Laanisto

American Society of Plant Biology analyzed citations from their journals for papers published between 2009 and 20013 and identified authors from around the world who published the most influential science during that period (link to full report).

Our man from Dushanbe, senior researcher Bahtijor, was also recognized by ASPB for his engineering-focused research in constructing unique scientific instruments.


Bahtijor Rasulov

ASPB report says the following about Bahtijor (pp 56):

Bahtijor Rasulov earned his PhD (1983) and of doctor of sciences degrees (1993) at the Institute of Physiology and Genetics, Tajik Academy of Sciences. He worked at the institute as a researcher and later as the head of Physiology and Biochemistry of Cotton Plants laboratory. He led several large-scale projects on endogenous and exogenous mechanisms of regulation of photosynthesis and productivity of cotton. From 1998 to 2001, he participated in the European Union Inco Copernicus program, joining the efforts of Tajik, Estonian, Finnish, and Italian researchers to study the mechanisms affecting silver birch growth at elevated levels of CO2 and ozone. He has led the construction of over 10 unique gas-exchange systems for different Estonian, U.S. and Swedish laboratories. Within past 7 years, his research interests include regulation of isoprenoid metabolism and its functional connections with plant photosynthesis. His scientific contributions were awarded with the science prize for young researchers by the Tajik Academy of Sciences (1983) and the mark of honor by the University of Tartu (2010).



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