Fieldwork report – Svalbard again!

Text and media by Lauri Laanisto

It´s been quiet here in the blog recently, although the papers keep coming out. There is a bunch of them waiting to be covered here. Fieldwork season is to blame. And it´s still just halfway through it. However, at least now I´m back in Estonia and not off the grid any longer, like in July, when I spent another week or so in Svalbard, in Czech Polar Ecology station in Petuniabukta. (I was there also last summer.) Petunia station is not located in the old hunting hut of Russial coal mining company Arktikugol, the Czech have built a new station, with lab and everything, a bit furher down the bay next to the Polish station.

This year I went there, together with my PhD student Tiit Hallikma, to set up the northernmost NutNet site. It was cold and rainy this year, which is not typical to Svalbard, where the summers tend to be dry and sunny. But after a 30-degree sultry summer of Estonia, 5 degrees was pleasurably cooling. And still no polar bears…

Here are some pictures from the trip. And you can also see a 360-degrees video around the NutNet sites (link).


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