Fieldwork report – Horsetail and moss experiments of summer ‘16

Text by Linda-Liisa Veromann-Jürgenson and Tiina Tosens

Part of our group, namely Tiina, Liisa and Linda-Liisa and Margalida Roig (visiting student from University of Baleric Islands)  are studying the spirit of evolutionary old species such as horsetails and mosses this spring and summer. Although less esoteric as the previous suggests, we are still looking to find out why Equisetum´s seem to stand alone when compared to pteridophytes and lycophytes (Tosens et al, 2016) while the photosynthesis limitations in mosses are completely unknown.

The horsetails are measured both outside in nature as well as in the lab from specimens grown here. The measurements are conducted on seven species of Estonian horsetails and mosses from various growth conditions and of different morphologies to encompass a variety of local species.


Fieldwork in the university campus with Liisa, Tiina, Liisa, Linda-Liisa and our foreign exchange student – Marga from University of Balearic Islands


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