Upcoming lecture by Josep Peñuelas

Text by Lauri Laanisto

On Friday, 23rd of September at 12.00 in the assembly hall of our university´s main building (Kreutzwaldi 1a, second floor), will take place the public ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year.

The tradition in our university is that during this ceremony all new PhDs get their diplomas. And also the honorary doctorates. This year, honoris causa will be given to Josep Peñuelas, who is a long time collaborator of our work-group. (Hopefully he will make it this year, not like last year, when he had to skip ENVIRON conference on the last minute because he got an invitation from the Spanish king…)

In addition to getting the honoris causa degree, Josep will also give an academic lecture during this ceremony. The schedule of the event is here (it´s unfortuantely only available in Estonian). Everybody is welcomed!


Josep Peñuelas in 2014 (pic from wiki)


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