EcolChange seminar on October 11 – British floodplain meadows and the hydrological niche

Our new Centre of Excellence EcolChange continues with open seminars. Tomorrow there will be another seminar held in University of Tartu, in Department of Botany.

Prof. David Gowing: “British floodplain meadows and the hydrological niche”
Tuesday, 11th of October 2016 at 16:15. In Tartu, Lai st 40-218 (Vaga auditorium)All are welcomed!


Floodplain meadows contain one of the most diverse plant assemblages in Britain.The soil-hydrology of these meadows has been studied to quantify the water-regime tolerances of individual species and to determine whether they display niche segregation, which might help to explain the co-existence of so many species.

Professor David Gowing is based at Open University, United Kingdom.He will act as the opponent at the PhD defense of Jaak-Albert Metsoja on October 12, 2016. (Btw, his thesis is available here.)


Pedja river floodplains, where Jaak-Albert Metsoja did his PhD research (pic from here)

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