Visual intermezzo

Text by Lauri Laanisto, pics by various lab members

Here are couple of pictures from two rather contrasting events. First of all, we had the public ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the new academic year, during which Hiie Ivanova received her PhD diploma and Josep Peñuelas received his honorary doctorate. (You can watch the ceremony in full here.)


From left: Beate R. Noe, Shuai Li, Yifan Jiang, Steffen M. Noe and Hiie Ivanova


Josep receiving his degree, rector standing next to him


Josep got a present from the most renowned textile artist of Estonia – Anu Raud


Giving a short talk


Our lab also participated in the Researcher´s Night Festival, which is an Pan-European initiative to show non-scientists (especially young people) that science is fun and engaging thing to do. Which, of course, it is. Our lab´s topic this year was to present the fascinating evolutionary history of (mainly woody) plants, and show how plants communicate with each other.


Kaia setting up the scene


Tiina (in the middle) with her students


They did put up quite a show


It got pretty crowded…


Curiosity usually runs through generations


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