EcolChange seminar on October 27 – Spatial distribution of mycorrhiza types

EcolChange is having weekly seminars (on Thursdays) in the Botany department of the University of Tartu. You can check the schedule here.

The next seminar will take place upcoming week, 27th of October in Lai 40-218 (Vaga auditorium). Leho Tedersoo will talk about the “Spatial distribution of mychorriza types”.



Mycorrhizal symbiosis provides essential mineral nutrition to plants, but different types of mycorrhizas benefit their hosts in somewhat different aspects. This is largely determined by the phylogeny and ancestral saprotrophic capacities of fungi and is reflected by specific distribution trends across various environmental gradients from local to global scales. Here I provide an overview of the distribution patterns of mycorrhiza types over different geographic scales.

Leho Tedersoo is senior researcher at the Natural History Museum of University of Tartu.


Leho declaring holy war against knowledge gaps in fungal distribution (pic from YouTube)

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