EcolChange seminar on November 3 – The role and importance of cyanobacteria found in biological loess crusts


Next week´s EcolChange seminar will take place in the Estonian University of Life Sciences. This time we have a guest speaker from Serbia.

Professor Zorica Svircev from the University of Novi Sad in Serbia will talk about „The role and importance of cyanobacteria found in biological loess crusts”

Time: Thursday, 3 Nov 2016 at 13:15

Place: Tartu, Kreutzwaldi 5–D239 (Metsamaja, Eesti Maaülikool)


Zorica Svircev speaking at TEDxNoviSad (pic from here)

Some information about our guest:

Research Interests:
-Isolation and characterization of cyanobacterial strains from blooming waters and extreme environment (NSCCC collection: 950 strains);
-Biotechnological application of cyanobacteria: nitrogen‑fixing cyanobacteria as biofertilizers; co-cultivation of cyanobacteria and higher plants; artificial symbiosis between cyanobacteria and higher plants; cyanobacterial pigments;
-Biological active compounds – novel antibiotics, antimicotics, antiviral and antitumor agents, cyanobacterial toxins;
-Ecoremediation, ecomanipulation, waste water treatment using algal bioreactors.

Present Interests: – Isolation and characterization of potentially toxic and toxic cyanobacteria from drinking water reservoirs and recreational water ecosystems;
-Monitoring of cyanobacterial blooms and cyanotoxins;
-Health effects of cyanotoxins;
-Epidemiological studies of PLC and other cyanotoxin related diseases;
-Public awareness;
-Paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstruction using cyanobacterial biomarkers;
– Role of cyanobacterial crusts in the process of loessification;
-Characterization and general role of terrestrial cyanobacterial crusts;
-BLOCDUST theory,
-GoL (Graph of Life) theory.

Supervision: PhD thesis 5 (defended) and 8 current supervision; Master and diploma thesis 53.

Activities: -National coordinator for Serbia and Montenegro in CYANONET project
Global Network for the Hazard Management of Cyanobacterial Blooms and Toxins in Water Resources (IHP) program (2004 – 2006);
-The member of editorial board in Journal of Oncology (2007-2015) and Archives of Biological Sciences (2015- );
-DC member (ESSEM domain) in COST action (2008 – 2014);
-Head of Laboratory for paleoenvironmental reconstruction LAPER (since 2009)
-The member of Evaluation Committee for Assessment of Lithuanian universities and research centers.
– Review Panel expert in the COST Action Proposal Submission, Evaluation, Selection and Approval procedure (2015 – ).
– Docent position Biochemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Abo, Akademi University Turku, Finland (2015- ).

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