Another EcolChange seminar on November 3 – Why most of our research findings are probably false?

In addition to Zorica Svircev´s seminar on Thursday at 13.15, two hours later there will be another EcolChange seminar in the University of Tartu, where professor Kristjan Zobel will discuss the matters of the menacing vastness of false research results.

Time: Thursday, 03. November 2016 at 15:15
Place: Lai 40-218 (Vaga auditorium), University of Tartu, Tartu


The unlikeliness of the hypotheses being tested and the pervasive bias favouring the publication of claims to have found something new have led to a situation where most of the results published in biological and medical sciences are likely to be false. This claim has been verified in two extensive attempts to replicate experiments that have been published in highly rated journals and considered to be landmarks of biomedical science. Situation in ecological sciences is probably even worse. What are the solutions?

Kristjan Zobel is professor of plant evolutionary ecology and the head of Department of Botany at University of Tartu.



Young(er) Kristjan Zobel looking for the path of right findings (pic from here)

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