Woodwardia and Psylla – our BSc student Mirjam won a picture competition

Text and pic by Mirjam Grosberg

Nature Conservation Circle of Tartu Students organize an annual nature photo contest. This year the theme was Body, and they wanted the perticipants to bring out the beauty and lives of the bodies through the photos.

In summer when I was working at the lab I was taking pictures with light microscopy, in the beginning it was a regular day but in the end of the day came Liisa with slides with stomata and I put it under the microscope and saw something strange, it was an insect on the leaf formulation. I was very surprised, because usually we see only plant stomata. It was really amazing that I took many pictures about the insect and I made it also into art. Month ago my friend ask me if I have some pictures to sent to this photo contest and immediately I though about the pictures I took in summer and I sent one to the organizers. To my surprise I won.

In the picture you can see Woodwardia orientalis leaf stomata and the body of the insect Psylla sp that is “swimming“ in the plant stomata so it arise an unconventional rhythm and figure.

(Bigger version of the winning photo and other pictures from this competition can be seen here.)


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