Blogyear 2016 summary

Text by Lauri Laanisto

Like stated in the previous (and first ever) blogyear summay (link to blog post): “The plan for the next year is simply to carry on in similar fashion.”, this is more or less what indeed happened. Although, there were couple of smaller changes – mainly that proportionally more posts were written by myself, as it has been rather difficult to get people to write about their research (although there are nice exceptions, like this one). Which is a bit stange, considering that disseminating your work has been becoming more and more important in this world of way too  many papers to read…

And our blogis pretty good place to disseminate the work – there are more than 700 people following us. Either by email notifications – you can make all the new posts pop into your inbox if you subscribe right there on menu on the right side; or through Twitter account (the third option is through WordPress blog following thingie).

Now some numbers and comparisons with last year. In 2015 we had 2300 unique quests with total of 6900 blog views, which makes the average of 575 views per month; 133 per week; and 19 per day. In 2016 we had 3890 unique visitors with total of 11300 views. This makes on average 942 per month; 217 per week; and 31 per day. So nearly double figures.

At the same time the frequency of posts remained the same – in 2015 we had 80 posts, and this year 77. The tally of countries from which we had visitors has risen from 74 in the first year to 97 in this year. There are couple of pretty exotic countries in that list: Nepal, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Armenia, Oman, Myanmar, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kenya, Ghana, Qatar, Morocco, Guatemala, Somalia, Puerto Rico, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Benin, Venezuela, Samoa. The list of countries with more than 100 views is as follows: Estonia 4526; United States 1758; Germany 810; Finland 262; United Kingdom 242; India 240; France 239; Brazil 234; Spain 233; Australia 199; Czech Republic 164; South Korea 160; Belgium 155; Italy 152; New Zealand 150; Japan 132; Canada 105; Austria 104.

Three most popular posts from last year were:

  1. Post-doc possibilities in Estonia (by Lauri Laanisto)
  2. Teaching students to Walz (by Tiina Tosens)
  3.  New paper published – Comment on “Worldwide evidence of a unimodal relationship between productivity and plant species richness” (by Lauri Laanisto)

P. S. By the way, these post-doc (and PhD-student) possibilities have emerged once again. I´ll try to make a blog post about it in the upcoming week.

And once again, the plan is to continue the same way. We have quite a few exciting experiments planned, also fieldwork, conferences. Hopefully the most interesting parts of all that will end up in this blog as well.

Happy new year!


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