Visiting scientist – Jeroni Galmes

Text and pic by Lauri Laanisto

Last week Jeroni Galmes visited our lab. He somehow opted to come from the Balearic to slushy Tartu and stay here for the entire week. I guess this might indicate the quality of the research that we do here…

Jeroni has been collaborating with Ülo already for years – the last published paper, about the functionings of Rubisco was also mentioned in this blog (link to blog post). This research direction still seems promising, and that is the reason why Jeroni came. There are quite a few papers planned based on Rubisco data acquired from the literature. (I have also a little role to play here – to filter in the phylogenetic data.)


“Old school” way of extracting meta-data (Jeroni on the left and Ülo on the right)


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