A case of plagiarism

Text by Ülo Niinemets

<A letter to the editors of BMC Plant Biology>

It has caught our attention that the paper of: Shi, J., Ma, C., Qi, D., Lv, H., Yang, T., Peng, Q., … & Lin, Z. (2015). Transcriptional responses and flavor volatiles biosynthesis in methyl jasmonate-treated tea leaves. BMC plant biology, 15(1), 233.

contains a significant overlap with two figures from our highly cited paper:

In particular, in the paper of Shi et al. Fig. 4 is copy-paste of Fig. 3 from our paper with the only modification being the photoshopping-out of the caterpillar cartoon and adding the text “exogenous MeJA” with different font.

Then Fig. S6, is the exact reproduction of Fig. 2 in our paper.

No credit is given to the original source in the paper of Shi et al.

I find it terribly regretful that authors have shamelessly copy-pasted material from a published study without providing appropriate credit, and I wonder what is the editorial action in this matter?

Looking forward to your response and all the best
Ülo Niinemets


Quantitative patterns between plant volatile emissions induced b

Fig 3 from Niinemets et al


Fig 4 from Shu et al

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