Blogyear Summary 2017

Text by Lauri Laanisto

The blog is now three years old. And it now has a one-year-old sisterblog as well – EcolChange blog. We have been keeping the approach, and trying to post mainly about our new publications. And this is the plan for the upcoming year(s) as well.

While blogging has been declared dead (numerous references available, just Google it), our venture is still growing. The number of visitors is still increasing – in 2015 we had 2300 unique visitors with 6900 blog views, last year these numbers were 3890/11300, and this year 5200/13300. Thus, on average exactly 100 visitors with 256 visits per week, and 14 visitors with 36 visits per day. The visits came from 97 different countries, and the total tally of countries from which we have had visits is now 116. The combined number of people following us is ~624, mostly through our Twitter account.

The growth is slightly surprising considering that the number of blog posts dropped quite a lot. From 80 and 77 posts in 2015 and 2016 to just 42 this year. Much of the drop is because a lot of energy went to the other blog. And it´s not because our publication rate has dropped. Nope. If anything, it´s vice versa. There´s a lot of papers from 2017 still waiting to be blogged about. Including, for example, a recent one in PNAS about global and local variabilities of plants traits.

Most popular posts in 2017:

1) Valentina´s post about how to measure injured leaf area (link)

2) Trevor Keenan´s post about potential bias in global trait lead estimates (link)

3) Linda-Liisa´s post about mesophyll conductance in living fossils (link)

4) Tiina´s post about some trade-offs underlying the leaf economics spectrum (link)

5) Lauri´s post about air pollution mitigating traits in urban trees (link)

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