New member – welcome Yusuph!

Text and pic Yusuph Olawale Abiola

I would like to use this medium to introduce myself as the recipient of the DoRa+ Scholarship Programme and to also express my profound gratitude to the donor. I finished my master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences in June 2018 from Szent Istvan University, Godollo, Hungary with the support from joint scholarship programme sponsored by the Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations (FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary. My master’s thesis focused on “Effect of abiotic stress on germination of rice (Orzya sativa L) varieties”.


I’m very excited to be here at Ülo Niinemets’ Lab and I couldn’t be happier than where I am now as it’s a perfect match that will allow me to continue my quest in the field of Agriculture and environmental sciences. In view of the prevailing global challenges of food insecurity and climate change, I really believe that I am at the perfect place with the group of scientists focusing on the alleviating those challenges under the esteemed leadership of Prof. Ülo Niinemets and I am also willing and ready to contribute my own quota. My PhD research will focus on “Comparative study of stress resistance of novel crops; Sweet potato and its resistance strategy to drought and pathogen stress”.

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