Workgroup and EcolChange seminar – Tom Sharkey about the Auxiliary pathways of the Calvin-Benson cycle

Seminar of Chair of Crop Science and Plant Biology and Centre of Excellence EcolChange, Estonian Univ of Life Sciences .

Thomas D. Sharkey is University Distinguished Professor in Michigan State University, and fellow of the AAAS. (Link to his homepage; link to his Wiki page); currently visiting our lab.

Title of the talk: Auxiliary pathways of the Calvin-Benson cycle

Time: Monday, 24. September 2018 at 10.15

Place: Tartu, Kreutzwaldi 5 – 2A41 (Metsamaja)

calvin ja benson

The Calvin-Benson cycle and auxiliary pathways


Tom Sharkey will give a lecture on carbon metabolism of photosynthesis. Tom has studied this topic for over 40 years and has recently written a review on the original discovery by Calvin and Benson of the pathway that converts carbon dioxide to sugars. Recent data from his laboratory indicate that there may be other pathways that work with the Calvin-Benson cycle. In addition to work on carbon metabolism of photosynthesis Tom studies the biochemistry of isoprene emission from trees and is currently visiting Crop Science and Plant Ecology at the Estonian University of Life Science to carry out experiments on isoprene emission.

Tom got his PhD at Michigan State University and returned there in 2008 to become chair of the Biochemistry Department. In between he worked as a post-doc with Graham Farquhar in Australia, then at the Desert Research Institute in Reno Nevada, then as a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He retired from UW-Madison (he is now emeritus professor of Botany) to return to Michigan.

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