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New publication – Spectacular oscillations in plant isoprene emission explain the enigmatic CO2 response

Text by Lauri Laanisto Well, I do love a paper which says both spectacular and enigmatic in its title! That should be quite a hook for news agencies? Ok. As the one sentence summary says: Oscillations in isoprene emission demonstrate … Continue reading

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New publication – A roadmap for improving the representation of photosynthesis in Earth system models

Text by Lauri Laanisto Wow, a 21-page Forum paper! The role of photosynthesis is global ecosystem and climatic models has been either oversimplified or plainly ignored, that is something I learned I think from the first meeting with Ülo. Of … Continue reading

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New paper published – Leaf functional plasticity decreases the water consumption without further consequences for carbon uptake in Quercus coccifera L. under Mediterranean conditions

Text by Lauri Laanisto Another paper from the Mediterranen. This time Ülo has participated in a study dealing with a paradox regarding Quercus coccifera´s ecophysiological functioning in different climate zones. The paper is rather techincal, so I´m not gonna try … Continue reading

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New paper published – Light acclimation of photosynthesis in two closely related firs (Abies pinsapo Boiss. and Abies alba Mill.): the role of leaf anatomy and mesophyll conductance to CO2

Abies pinsapo or the Spanish fir has been a long-term study object for Mediterranean forest researchers, plant ecologists and ecophysiologists already since the 1960s. As our boss, Ülo, has had long and fruitful collaboration with Spanish researchers, he usually co-authors … Continue reading

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ENVIRON PhD seminar on 10th of September

All are invited to our first seminar on this academic year: on 10th of September, at 13.00 – 13:45, in the room 2C5, Metsamaja, Kreutzwaldi 5 (entrance in D-corpus, II floor). Our exchange PhD-students, Sabrina Garcia and Vinicius Fernandes de … Continue reading

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New paper accepted – Mesophyll conductance to CO2 and Rubisco as targets for improving intrinsic water use efficiency in C3 plants

Together with his latin colleagues, Ülo Niinemets has published another paper regarding mesophyll conductance in C3 plants in Plant, Cell and Environment. Accepted, but not edited nor typesetted version of the article is available from here. Full citation: Flexas, J., … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, Olav!

On April 17th, our eldest lab member, Olav Keerberg celebrates his 80th birthday. Congrats! Like our recently retired colleague, Tiit Pärnik, Olav has also worked in the same institution for almost 60 years in a row, since 1957. He was … Continue reading

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