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New paper accepted – Extremely thick cell walls and low mesophyll conductance: welcome to the world of ancient living!

Text and pics by Linda-Liisa Veromann-Jürgenson I am overjoyed that I have my first article for my PhD accepted! It is now published in Journal of Experimental Botany. As everyone in our group knows, mesophyll conductance is a key player … Continue reading

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New paper published – Light acclimation of photosynthesis in two closely related firs (Abies pinsapo Boiss. and Abies alba Mill.): the role of leaf anatomy and mesophyll conductance to CO2

Abies pinsapo or the Spanish fir has been a long-term study object for Mediterranean forest researchers, plant ecologists and ecophysiologists already since the 1960s. As our boss, Ülo, has had long and fruitful collaboration with Spanish researchers, he usually co-authors … Continue reading

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New paper accepted – The photosynthetic capacity in 35 ferns and fern allies: mesophyll CO2 diffusion as a key trait

The results from a rather global experiment have just been accepted in New Phytologist. It was a collaboration between Estonian, Japanese, Spanish and Chilean researchers, who measured the photosynthetic capacity of 35 fern species growing in different continents. It´s more … Continue reading

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