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New paper out – Herbivory by an Outbreaking Moth Increases Emissions of Biogenic Volatiles and Leads to Enhanced Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation Capacity

Text by Lauri Laanisto Couple of days ago I reported about a paper that studied how a rust fungus affects organic volatiles in a poplar (link to blog post). However, we have quite a few people in our lab studing … Continue reading

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New member – Welcome Bin Liu!

Text by Bin Liu Note from LL: Our new postdoc, Bin Liu, is the first member of our lab, who ended up working here because of this blog. Literally. He read the post about potential postdoc positions and contacted us. … Continue reading

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Visiting scientist – Koike Takayoshi will give an ENVIRON lecture

Welcome to the ENVIRON’s lectures! On March 9th at 12:00 in Estonian University of Life Sciences, Kreutzwaldi 5 (Metsamaja), room 2C5. Koike Takayoshi from (Hokkaido University) will give a lecture: Ecophysiology of deciduous trees native to Northeast Asia grown under FACE … Continue reading

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