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New paper published – Oak gall wasp infections of Quercus robur leaves lead to profound modifications in foliage photosynthetic and volatile emission characteristics

Text by Linda-Liisa Veromann-Jürgenson Everyone with keen eyes that has been walking in wooded areas in the recent years must have noticed small growths on tree leaves called galls. Sometimes the infections can be massive, where it is hard to … Continue reading

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Workgroup and EcolChange seminar – Shuai Li about the role of stomatal conductance in controlling various leaf processes

Seminar of Chair of Crop Science and Plant Biology and Centre of Excellence EcolChange, Estonian Univ of Life Sciences . Shuai Li is a junior researcher and PhD-student in Estonian University of Life Sciences. Title of the talk: Key role of … Continue reading

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New paper published – Disproportionate photosynthetic decline and inverse relationship between constitutive and induced volatile emissions upon feeding of Quercus robur leaves by large larvae of gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar)

Text by Lauri Laanisto Another paper by Ülo´s former postdoc Lucian, who does a lot of small experiments, where they measure all sorts of factors that could affect organic volatile emissions in plants. This time the focus is on the … Continue reading

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New paper published – How specialized volatiles respond to chronic, and short‐term physiological and shock heat stress in Brassica nigra

Text by Lauri Laanisto Our PhD student Kaia has published her first first-author paper, which will probably be the cornerstone of her thesis. She has been studying the physiological nooks and crannies of heat stress in plants. What are the … Continue reading

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It´s spring enough – time to fieldwork!

Text and pics by Lauri Laanisto Yesterday we had +6 C degrees outside. It was a sunny day and you could feel the spring in the air. Now, the question is do the plants feel it too? And if yes, … Continue reading

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New paper accepted – Emission Timetable and Quantitative Patterns of Wound-Induced Volatiles Across Different Leaf Damage Treatments in Aspen (Populus Tremula)

Our former PhD student Miguel, together with our former post-doc Taras and some current members of our work group have had a manuscript accepted in the Journal of Chemical Ecology. It´s a nice paper about the fine mechanics of how … Continue reading

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New paper published – Volatile Organic Compounds Emitted by Plants Determination using New Gas Chromatography Mass-Spectrometry Methods

Our work group´s “Romanian branch”, led by Lucian Copolovici had published a methods paper, suggesting two novel methods how to capture and measure volatile organic compounds in plants, together with Astrid Kännaste and Ülo Niinemets from our lab. Full citation: … Continue reading

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