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Seminar – Julian Schroeder about molecular signal transduction mechanisms mediating abscisic acid and CO2 regulation of ion channels and stomatal movements

Our research neighbors – Plant Signal Research group in Universiy of Tartu – are having a really nice seminar next Friday. Julian Schroeder from University of California San Diego will give a talk “Molecular signal transduction mechanisms mediating abscisic acid … Continue reading

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New publication – Spectacular oscillations in plant isoprene emission explain the enigmatic CO2 response

Text by Lauri Laanisto Well, I do love a paper which says both spectacular and enigmatic in its title! That should be quite a hook for news agencies? Ok. As the one sentence summary says: Oscillations in isoprene emission demonstrate … Continue reading

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ASPB recognizing Bahtijor Rasulov

Text by Lauri Laanisto American Society of Plant Biology analyzed citations from their journals for papers published between 2009 and 20013 and identified authors from around the world who published the most influential science during that period (link to full … Continue reading

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New paper published – Bisphosphonate inhibitors reveal a large elasticity of plastidic isoprenoid synthesis pathway in isoprene-emitting hybrid aspen

Text by Ülo Niinemets Isoprenoids constitute a versatile pathway of compounds that play major roles as integral components of foliage photosynthetic apparatus (chlorophylls and carotenoids) and as volatile infochemicals and molecules improving plant stress resistance via their antioxidant and membrane-stabilizing … Continue reading

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