New member – welcome Chika!

Text by Okereke Chikodinaka N.

I am Okereke Chikodinaka N. Also known as Chika, as that is the short form of name as preferred by all. I am from Nigeria. I have been studying plants and their various mechanisms since 2008 as a student at one of the prestigious university in Nigeria, the University of Nigeria Nsukka, where I obtained my Bachelors degree in Botany. Later on in 2014, I moved to Hungary for my masters degree at Szent Istvan University, Godollo, where I studied Agricultural engineering. My  research thesis focused on the effect of foliar fertilizers on the yield and biomass of maize seedlings.

Currently, I am working as a PhD student and researcher under the highly esteemed prof. Ülo Niinemets at the Estonian University of Life Sciences. My research will focus on volatile organic compounds induced by biotic stresses in tropical agricultural plants; early detection of stress and selection of stress tolerant cultivars.

My hobbies are travelling and meeting new (Inspiring and optimistic) people; I like keeping fit and reading books; and most importantly, am a God Lover, am passionate about Him (God).



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